"Thank you for your kind words, support & encouragement. I immediately felt comfortable with both of you and I don't often get that feeling. I'm slow to trust. I love (and am working on it) my body!" - Anne Mullan, Patient since 2/17

"Thanks so much for getting me in today. Really appreciate you! I enjoyed visiting with you, loved your soup :). The TLC in your touch helps me more than you know..." - Bridgette, Patient since 1/16

"When I first started seeing Dr. Lalli I was almost crippled. My right knee was so painful I was walking with a cane and the only place I was remotely comfortable was either sitting or laying on my bed. I have had these problems for years and as I have gotten older the pain got worse. I had gone to physical therapy, shots and many other things to try to get relief from the pain. When nothing worked I felt like I was going to be like this for the rest of my life. 

I started seeing Dr. Lalli in March 2017. After my first visit slowly but surely I began to start feeling better. My knee started bending further and further and the pain in my bum started becoming less painful. After just 3 months I was almost back to normal. Now I can walk normally and I can now participate in life. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Lalli, she saved my life." - Joy Greenberg, Patient since 3/17

"Dr. Lalli is an amazing healer. After back surgery I was looking for a clinician I could trust to keep me as close to pain free as possibly, considering the severity of my disc degeneration and microdisectomy. Her methods are incredibly powerful at maintaining proper back posture, while also addressing mental, emotional and internal healing that is essential for pain reduction. She’s a must visit in the north Phoenix valley. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to meet Dr. Lalli." - Kaila Strong, Patient since 9/16

"Her intuition and passion for healing has improved my mental, emotional, and physical health a great deal. I had chronic pain between my shoulder blades; sitting up drained all my energy. She not only got my muscles to release their pent-up stress, but also balanced my pelvis so that the whole spine was working in tandem rather than in fits and spurts. Her arsenal of tools to heal the body is impressive." - Teri Shardy, Patient since 1/17

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